About the Project

this is an introduction to what i hope will be a life-long project. i wish i had started it years ago, but i hope to continue to add to it until the day i die.

it's simple really, for the rest of my life there will be occasions after, or before, taking someones picture i will ask them three questions:

1. What makes you happy?

2. What advice do you have for people around the world?

3. If you could ask one question to everyone in the world, what would it be?

the key is, i will ask these same three questions each and every time.

i got the idea before i left for africa. i was looking for a way to record and compare joy and insight from people all over the world. i wanted the questions to be positive and thought provoking allowing people to pass on knowledge while at the same time introduce new dialog.

the project is just beginning but thus far i've been impressed with so many of the answers and i'm excited about the cross-cultural collection of faces and ideas. i hope the project will grow to reveal more and more about each other and ourselves.

i'll try and update this site as often as possible, whenever i'm back from traveling or simply just going to the store

joseph michael howarth

Joseph Michael Photoraphy
Toronto, Canada
e-mail: info(at)josephmichael(dot)ca

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