What makes you happy?
Since I’m single, a woman who is fun to be with and a good smoke. I love a good smoke. (Was smoking when I first met him)

What advice do you have for people around the world?
Be tolerant of other people. But as a man about to turn 60 I would say, when you have a chance to take a piss, go for it, never trust a fart, and when you get an erection, even if you are by yourself, don’t waste it, they are few and far between. (When I asked him what he meant by fart he explained that at a young age when you feel gaseous it’s just going to be harmless wind that will pass, but for him at his age, he doesn’t know if it could be a terrible mistake down below)

If you could ask one question to everyone in the world, what would it be?
Do you genuinely believe the way the world is going as bad as it is portrayed in the newspapers and on television? I don’t think it is.

Name: Len Cowley from Bathgate, Scotland
Photo taken: Edinburgh, Scotland
Date taken: November 05, 2007